Did you get injured while at work? Instead of going to an overcrowded emergency room, just walk-in to our convenient facility and we can help treat your non-life-threatening injuries. Through our comprehensive care, we can help get you back to work in almost no time.


Let Our Walk-in Clinic Help You with Your Injuries


Animal/insect bites

Back injuries


Chemical burns, exposures and splash injuries

Cuts, lacerations and punctures


General soreness and pain

Heat burns and scalds

Infection disease exposures

Musculoskeletal injuries


Sprains, strains and tears


City Bay Urgent Care offers a full-service treatment for work injuries and employee health with drug, alcohol and other specialized testing. Our providers will balance employee care with your business needs. We can help you worry less about unnecessary lost time, meeting federal regulations, OSHA recordables and rising workers’ compensation costs.  For more information, or to establish your account today, contact us at occmed@citybayurgentcare.com.


How do we help?


We understand what worries you as an employer. We know how things like lost time, testing errors, OSHA recordables and high-cost referrals affect your bottom line.


CONVENIENCE. With our accessible location, extended and weekend hours and round-the-clock testing, we are there for you and your employees when accidents happen—ready to treat your employees promptly.


PARTNERSHIP. Knowing every business is different, we customize our solutions to your business’ specific protocols and preferences.  We build a relationship with you and keep you informed, allowing you to effectively run your business.


COST CONTROL. We provide employees with comprehensive care to ensure a full recovery, allowing them to return to work in a timely manner. We can keep your bottom line in mind by treating a variety of non-emergent illnesses and injuries to minimize outside referrals.


We help you get the occupational health results your company needs, which includes the following:

Help minimize OSHA recordables

Reduce lost time rates

Get employees back to full duty fast

Reduce average cost per case

Have a low Physical Therapy referral rate


Here are some of the occupational health services we provide in addition to the common occupational injuries we treat above:


Preventative Health/Vaccinations

Travel vaccines (cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, etc.)

Vaccinations (Flu, Hep A, Hep B, Meningitis, MMR, etc.)


Protective Respirator Evaluation

FIT testing

Pulmonary function testing (PFT)

OSHA questionnaire



Breath alcohol testing (BAT)

DOT physical exams

Heavy metal testing (arsenic, lead, mercury, etc.)

Immune titer test (checks immune status to vaccinations or diseases your employee may have received in the past)

Infectious disease screening (Hep B, Hep C, HIV, TB, etc.)

Pre-employment physicals

Urine drug screening (UDS)


For more information on our occupational medicine services, or to establish your account today, contact us at occmed@citybayurgentcare.com.


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