Read the Story of Our Walk-in Clinic


The founders started City Bay Urgent Care in 2017 for one primary reason, to help an underserved community gain access to faster, more affordable, high-quality medical care. Dr. Melissa C. Wong, co-founder of City Bay Urgent Care, is an established primary care physician in the Sunset area who noticed how the community was in desperate need of a facility that caters to a growing population. Dr. Wong’s principle of being a patient-focused physician is what guides City Bay Urgent Care today.  


Along with her husband, Steven Loi, co-founder of City Bay Urgent Care, they are on a mission to not only provide fast, easy, and affordable health care for those living in the Sunset and San Francisco, CA area, but also to offer a healthcare experience that is truly catered for the community.


To learn more about our walk-in clinic, contact us today or read our reviews to see what past patients have to say about City Bay Urgent Care.