Walk-in Clinic Providing Immediate Care for Children in

San Francisco, CA


Is your little one in need of non-life threatening immediate care? When your pediatrician’s office is closed or overbooked and the emergency room has a two-hour long wait, City Bay Urgent Care is here for you. As a walk-in clinic serving the San Francisco, CA; Sunset, CA; and Inner Sunset, CA area, our staff is on hand to assist you with all of your pediatric urgent care needs.


At City Bay Urgent Care, you can be sure that your child will be taken care of by one of our experienced medical providers. In addition to our highly trained and caring team, our facility is also equipped with advanced pediatric equipment to help us provide comprehensive care for your child.



Providing Compassionate Pediatric Urgent Care for

San Francisco, CA & the Surrounding Areas 


For parents and guardians, there is nothing more important than the health and safety of their child. No matter what the underlying issue may be, when you visit City Bay Urgent Care, you can be sure that our urgent care clinic staff has the skills necessary to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions ranging from common childhood injuries to more severe issues and illnesses, all while working to ensure your child’s comfort.


These conditions include:


Adolescent pregnancy

Digestive (diarrhea, stomach pains, vomiting)

Ear, nose, mouth, and throat (ear infections, nose bleeds, sinus infections, cold sores, sore throat, etc.)

Infectious and parasitic diseases (fever, flu, giardiasis, head lice, pinworm, urinary tract infection, etc.)

Metabolic/nutritional (diabetes, eating disorders, vitamin deficiencies, etc.)

Playground, sports, and home injuries (fractures, sprains, strains, etc.)

Respiratory (acute bronchitis, asthma, cough, pneumonia, etc.)

Skin and subcutaneous tissue (burns, lacerations, open wounds, poison ivy, rashes etc.)

Walk-In Vaccinations Available for Children in San Francisco, CA & the Surrounding Areas

One of the most important things you can do as a parent or guardian is to ensure that your child stays up-to-date with their vaccinations. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. If you’re having a difficult time getting an appointment at your pediatrician’s office for vaccines, especially seasonal ones like the flu, put your trust in City Bay Urgent Care. We are proud to offer walk-in vaccinations.


Our vaccination list includes many of the most common childhood vaccines, like MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Gardasil (HPV), and varicella (chickenpox). We also offer seasonal flu shots and travel vaccines. If you simply can’t get your schedule to align with that of the pediatrician, bring your child to our walk-in clinic instead. Our team will quickly and safely take care of your child’s vaccinations, allowing you to get on with your day and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child is protected.

For pediatric urgent care that you can count on in San Francisco, CA, call us today!


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